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What readers have said about ASK MARY MARKER: A Guide to the Seasons of Life

(Backgrounds of commentators include past and/or current positions.)

“What an exceedingly interesting woman she was (and no doubt still is.) We truly admire the fact that she had extensive dreams and found astonishing ways to pursue and achieve those aspirations. What fun it would have been to be her friend. She created interest and enthusiasm for all around her."
Elaine and Senator Orrin G. Hatch. Was Chairman of U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, slated to be ranking Republican on Senate Finance Committee. Sponsors of annual Utah conference on Women, parents of six.

“In name only was “Mary Marker” fictitious - her life was full of spirit, study, adventure, lifelong romance, travel, hardships, triumphs, teaching, and devoted motherhood. Ancause Ramona Wilcox Cannon put in writing the wisdom gleaned from her expansive life, it now contributes significantly to Mormon and women’s literature and is applicable today.”
Barbara B. Smith, former General President of Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, former National President of American Mothers, Inc.

“What a wonderful story - and what a wonderful life.... Those quotes from her writings are vivid markers of her intelligence and personality. She is a vibrant and inspiring subject.”
Jerilyn S. McIntyre, former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting President, University of Utah.

“In the summer of 1947, a hobo arrived on Ramona’s doorstep. He was me. After dropping out of Deep Springs College where Mark had been my roommate, I had been seeing America from freight trains. Although Ramona’s house was already filled with three sons and money was scarce, she took me into her family and nurtured me. As I watched Ramona overcome her writer’s fears to begin the Mary Marker column, I was inspired to overcome mine. You will love the woman you meet in this book. I am eternally grateful for her motherly mentoring and in constant awe of her angelic soul. The world needs a movie about her life.”
Bruce Shelly, head writer of five network TV series including “Eight is Enough”. Wrote hundreds of scripts for “The Waltons”, “Matlock”, “Happy Days”, “Here’s Lucy”, “Love Boat”, “Hotel”, “M*A*S*H”, “Dallas”. Created five children’s series and wrote three movies.

"This is a page turner. I did not realize that Ramona wrote so much about her life. She is a gifted writer. I am deeply into the compelling life of this unique woman. Each anecdote tells something about her, her life and her society.”
Carol Cornwall Madsen, Professor of History and Research Professor, Smith Institute of LDS History at Brigham Young University

“A testament that truth, intellect and courage are timeless. When I put down this book, I wanted more.”
Richard G. Wilkins, Managing Director, Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, Qatar Foundation; Managing Director, The World Family Policy Center and Professor, J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU. Was Assistant U.S. Solicitor General.

“And to think those of us who grew up with Mary Marker never knew “the rest of the story”. Ariel Silver’s book vibrantly presents the life of Ramona Cannon, its peaks and valleys, its foreign adventures and domestic challenges. Her commitment to faith, family and education (which saved her more than once!) present a timeless role model to women of every generation.”
Paula Hawkins, former U.S. Senator from Florida – first woman ever elected to U.S. Senate who was neither the wife nor the daughter of a politician.

“I have fallen in love with Ramona. Her spectacular lifelong search for answers to the great questions of life’s purposes and how to be ‘good’ was itself the answer.”
Geraldine Edwards, mother of 12 and author of 10 books.

“Ramona deserved to have been featured in the Readers Digest “My Most Unforgettable Character” series."
Dale Van Atta, Contributing Editor, Readers Digest

“Ramona was a remarkable woman. Her myriad accomplishments as wife, mother, teacher and writer are truly inspirational. This uplifting account of the seasons of her life has something to teach all women.”
Shelly Kaufhold, 1999 recipient of the Ramona W. Cannon Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities, University of Utah.

"In this captivating book, Ramona Cannon reports the discovery that 'deep inside me was something precious, something beyond the prosaic and pragmatic, something of the inner self that said one can trust one's dreams.' As we read of her life, Ramona's discovery becomes our own. To read of Ramona's life is to enter it and to be improved by it."
Duane Boyce, Managing Director, The Arbinger Institute

“A fascinating and thoroughly engaging “read” and well worth the attention.”
Lynn D. Wardle, President, International Society of Family Law

“This is a powerful story of a woman who lived life on her own terms. Holding fast to the iron rod, Ramona emerged from dark shadows of the Victorian Age with the light of a modern woman and the strength of a pioneer. Any woman who wonders how to “have it all” should read this book and learn from the lessons of Mary Marker.”
Jane Wilson, author of Ancestors: A Beginner’s Guide to Family History and Genealogy, companion to PBS TV series Ancestors, with record-breaking station carriage. Wrote Dead Sea Scrolls: Voices in the Desert for Discovery Channel.

“We can’t do everything all at once, but Ramona Cannon shows us that given a “seasons of life” perspective it is possible to do an incredible number of things over the course of a lifetime. This engaging book will make you smile, cry, laugh, and think, but will never make you sleep. I heartily recommend it to anyone who thinks that life is just too short to do all they want.”
E. Jeffrey Hill, Associate Professor, Marriage, Family and Human Development, BYU

“Engaging and unique blending of the first and third persons. A memoir woven of generous portions of the subject’s delightful musings, stitched together beautifully by the author.”
Lee and Yvonne Maddox Roderick. Lee was President of the National Press Club, news director for KSL Television and became Assistant to the President of Utah State University. Yvonne was a Hollywood casting director and White House appointee, now a full-time mother of six.

“Every mother should give this book to her daughter to help her understand how family, career, and adventure can be combined – like Ramona did – for a wonderful glorious life.”
Betty Southard Murphy, only woman to serve as Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, and now partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP.

“In this distillation, the words of Mary Marker, which filled the minds and warmed the hearts of prior generations of Wasatch front readers, are destined to inspire efforts and buoy spirits afresh.”
Thomas W. Draper, Professor of Marriage, Family and Human Development, Brigham Young University

“It becomes exciting and gripping. Ramona is a fascinating lady who is quite remarkable for anyone's time, but is especially remarkable for her day."
Kay Atkinson King, Ph.D. in Linguistics UCLA. On research staff at MIT and Harvard. After children substantially grown, became Chief of Staff to Congressman Richard Swett (D-NH), then Senior Policy Advisor to the Democratic Staff of House International Relations Committee. Gospel Doctrine teacher.

“Every daughter should give this book to her Mother so she can see how dreams can be realized regardless of age. Frankly, every sister should also give this book to her brother.”
Ann Southard Murphy, former staff lawyer, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, daughter of Betty Southard Murphy.

“In any age, Ramona Wilcox Cannon’s life would be considered remarkable, but this woman managed to ‘have it all’ during a time when women general didn’t – and when most of society thought they shouldn’t. She serves as a role model for women and men alike.”
James P. Bell, author In the Strength of the Lord; The Life and Teachings of James E. Faust.

“Ramona’s vision of personal destiny allowed her to transform the silent movie set of her day into a brilliant and classic Technicolor adventure, featuring a heroine who trades her tears for toil in the face of relentless obstacles.”
Margie Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Mothers at Home.

“I knew she was a remarkable lady. I just did not realize how remarkable she was. What an amazing life! Having read several hundred personal histories over the years, this is one of the most captivating stories that I have read.”
Mary B. Pearson, Cannon Family Genealogist for 30 years.

“Reading the life of Ramon Wilcox Cannon is a stimulating experience for one who knew her three younger children well enough to be dazzled by their unique talents and personalities. I’m in awe of Ramona’s resilience in the face of overwhelming difficulty, and grateful for her advice, “Nothing learned in life’s battle is lost. All is preparation.”
Nonie N. Sorensen, Writer/composer/producer of Nauvoo Adventure and other historical musicals.

“Within a few short pages, I felt hooked. I related to ‘the character’ almost immediately - a kind of tugging at the heart occurred - and I heard within myself a quiet yet strong rooting begin (Go Ramona!) as if for myself!”
Erin Hoelscher, lay minister in a nondenominational Church, former math teacher, Illinois.

"Ramona Wilcox Cannon's extraordinary life demonstrates it is possible for a woman to "have it all," but in different seasons of her life. She achieved greatness as a wife, mother, scholar and journalist through spiritual strength, intelligence, compassion and perseverance. Her inspirational footsteps will guide the way for any woman seeking to balance personal, professional and eternal goals."
Melinda Barth, broadcast journalist who learned about the LDS Church while a student at Wellesley College and subsequently was baptized while in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Ramona Cannon’s blend of an active life of the mind with devotion to her family has universal appeal and will inspire millions of women around the world.”
Jenny Zhan, Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers; M.B.A. Carnegie Mellon; B.S. University of International Business and Economics, Beijing.

“With rare wit, high adventure, and hard-won wisdom Ramona Cannon, heroine to the last century, ably provides women of the 21st Century a timeless exemplar of how to succeed as they personify lives of keen intellect, dauntless faith and impressive vision.”
Blythe Darlyn Thatcher, Ed.S., editor/author of Heroines of the Restoration, A Singular Life, Mother Love.

“It is endearing and it gripped me. It describes Ramona's life and mind as a child and helps me understand my five children better. Knowing how much she did in her latter years gives me hope for what I can do after my children have grown up."
Lynne Ensign Johnston, Former White House staff member. Full time mother of 5.

“Very poetic, very romantic. It touches me.”
Julia Leigh, Medical graduate of Seoul National University, Korea.

“I loved reading it, especially since it was largely in Ramona Cannon's words. She describes things so beautifully, you feel that you can see them. Some themes are dramatic and could be in a movie. Emma Thompson, who acted in Sense and Sensibility could play Ramona. This is timely. We have had the women's movement, but there are real problems of a tricky balance. Many women are looking for role models. She is a great role model applicable to the new millennium.”
Susan Antolin, graduate of University of California at Santa Barbara in English Literature and in Law from University of San Francisco. Methodist.

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